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Mira Lagos Vet Services


We offer exams, vaccinations, medicine, in-house laboratory, radiology and more to take care of your pet and for faster diagnosis.


Our surgical suite is equipped with the most up to date anesthetic and monitoring equipment to help ensure the safety of your pet during surgical procedures. We have recently added Sevoflurane anesthesia which helps pets recover more smoothly from anesthetic procedures. It is considered the gold standard of human anesthesia.


Regular grooming is essential to the maintenance of your pet's health, it can prevent or impede conditions such as parasites and skin irritations. Please call us for a price quote and to set up an appointment.


Diagnostic ultrasound is a great tool in veterinary medicine. We strive to offer state-of-the-art medical and diagnostic testing. We are pleased to offer ultrasound services as a means of providing a higher level of care to our patients.

Ultrasound provides a non-invasive and pain free way to diagnose many problems with your beloved pet. Just a few of the diseases and conditions we can help to diagnose include age-related heart disease, congenital heart disease, thoracic tumors, abdominal tumors, gastrointestinal disease, liver disease, gall bladder disease, kidney disease, adrenal gland disease, stones in the urinary bladder and kidneys, and pregnancy.